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Gold Panning and Prospecting in Mississippi

Mississippi isn’t a very good state to prospect for gold. It lies a few hundred miles west of the Carolina Slate Belt, a gold-bearing area which is responsible for most gold deposits in the South.

Still, there is still a small amount of gold here.

The downside is that basically any gold you find in the state of Mississippi is going to be small. Very small.

This is because any gold found here was most likely transported from somewhere else, rather than from a nearby source. For example, in states that are known to produce large gold nuggets, those nuggets usually eroded from a gold vein nearby. The large piece of gold will erode and travel a short distance, but it will eventually settle at some point fairly close to where it began.

However, with tiny gold particle this isn’t always the case. Water can carry tiny gold particles for great distances. And this is probably the source of most a Mississippi’s gold, from sources hundreds and even thousands of miles upstream, where tiny flecks of gold have been carried.

Gold in Georgia and Alabama

The Mississippi River would be a good example. Gold can be found throughout the river system, but the pieces are tiny, even microscopic. To capture it is a real challenge.

Many other rivers and creeks are the same way. Careful analysis of the material will indicate that some gold is present, but it is always of such limited quantity that no significant attention is given to it.

Of course prospectors are a resilient bunch, and there is nothing wrong with trying to find some of this gold. You’re definitely not going to strike it rich, but with some hard work you still have a decent chance of finding some small gold.

One tip that will help you capture some of this gold is to use special equipment that is designed for fine gold recovery. One tool that is especially well designed for this task is the Gold Cube. This is a really neat piece of mining equipment that can capture some really small gold, and has become quite popular with gold prospectors all throughout the Midwest, where most gold deposits are fine textured.

The benefit of using a Gold Cube is that once you have set it up properly, it really is easy to use.

While generally speaking a gold pan is the simplest piece of gear that you can use to find placer gold, in places like Mississippi where you know all of the gold occurrences are exceedingly fine textured, you have to accept the limitations of a gold pan. While they will certainly work, the smallest amount of human-error in the panning process can mean that that fine gold will be lost.

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If you live in Mississippi and are willing to travel to find better prospecting opportunities, there are several options within a few hours of the state.

The closest option is Alabama. Many people don’t realize it, but there were some really rich gold mines in Alabama, and some nice gold has come out of that state, including some nice sized nuggets.

And a bit further to the east is Georgia, another fantastic state to prospect. Georgia might be the best state in the Southeast to prospect for gold. It is on the southern end of the Carolina Slate Belt, which also spans through South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. All of these states have rich gold deposits.

Mississippi is definitely one of the poorer states to pan for gold, but there is gold here. So there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. Any of the major rivers are with exploring.

If you have any success, feel free to share some pictures with us and let us know that you are finding gold in Mississippi!


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