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The Lost Waterfall Mine of Shasta County, CA

In 1850’s, California population was exploding with an influx of gold miners looking for the gold that was so prevalent throughout the state. Hundreds and thousands of prospectors were attracted to come and hunt for the gold.

One group of men prospecting around the northern mines of California, particularly in Shasta County, discovered the legendary Waterfall Mine.

The sighting of the Waterfall Mine

The men looking for gold, traveled past the Sacramento River towards the east of Fort Redding. They further continued to travel eastwards along a stream and after about 25 miles or so they stumbled upon a huge waterfall. As they approached the top, the men discovered a rich deposit of gold.

There was an abundance of local Indian attacks in the area as they were extremely unhappy about so many prospectors intruding in their area. Therefore, the men took as much gold as they could and went back from where they had come.

Around 20 years later one of the prospectors from the group came back again with a relative in order to relocate the waterfall with the gold deposit. When they enquired the locals about the waterfall situated close to a stream, they were told about one present in the Beer Creek Canyon.

After several efforts over the next few weeks they failed to find the Waterfall Mine again and returned back in despair. It is said that the locals often talked about rumors about gold being found at another waterfall somewhere to the east of Redding. Certainly there are many areas in Shasta County that have produced vast amounts of gold over the years, so it is certainly believable that a rich discovery could have been made here.

Discovery of a giant waterfall in California

There are many waterfalls in Shasta County, several of which are located within the Whiskytown National Recreation Area. While these waterfalls were known by locals for many years, they were not well known otherwise.

In recent years, a series of trails have been constructed to give the public better access to these waterfalls. The best known falls is known as Whiskeytown Falls, as it is one of the largest in Shasta County.

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The locals and their ancestors of the area close to the waterfall had been living there since the times of gold rush in California, and there were often heard stories about the lost Waterfall Mine being spread around.

It is not certain that this is the waterfall where to gold were discovered by the party of men. There are certainly other waterfalls throughout this area that the early miners could have been referring to.

Unfortunately for treasure seekers, if the Lost Waterfall Mine is truly located within the Whiskytown National Recreation Area, then it is now off-limits to searchers. While you are allowed to explore for the waterfall, all mining and metal detecting is strictly off-limits within the WNRA.

So at least for now, the mine will likely remain lost.

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