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China Gold Mining – The World’s Leading Gold Producer

The People’s Republic of China has become one of the most active places in the world for gold mining activities in recent time. This is thanks to the immense variety of deposits in the country and the newfound efforts all around to mine those deposits.

In fact, China recently became the top country in the world in terms of the number of metric tons of gold produced. In 2014, about 450 metric tons of gold were produced in China. This is 170 more metric tons than Australia’s total in that same time period. China’s growth in the field has been well-documented although there are issues over environmental control around the country.

History of Mining

China has not had all that much gold in its history. In fact, the communist government in the country has organized a monopoly where gold trading among private individuals is illegal. Only the People’s Bank of China can handle the sales of gold among private citizens.

Efforts to try and find gold deposits around China have picked up in recent years. This is as a means of competing with other countries in the west. The Chinese government still holds a monopoly over the gold mining processes in the area and authorizes the development and operation of various gold mining companies in the country.

It was not until the 1980s when gold mining really did become picked up in China. China reached the 100 metric ton mark for annual mining output in 1990 and in the mid-2000s surpassed the other large gold producers like South Africa, Australia and the United States in annual gold production.

Noteworthy Mining Sites

Many of the top sites for mining around China include places in the Shandong Province, a region on the east coast in between Shanghai and Beijing. The Shandong Gold Mining Company has run the Sanshandao, Jiaojia and Xincheng gold mines since 2012 and has been getting more than 150,000 ounces of gold off of these mines in recent time.

The southern area of China is a prominent place for gold mining as well. The Beiya mine in the Yunnan Province is run by China Gold International Resources Corporation and has been mining about 185,000 ounces of gold each year. The ZIjinshan Gold-Copper Mine in the Fujian Province also has been getting about half a million ounces of gold and other assorted minerals every year.

Ongoing Developments

The Chinese government has not only been focusing on gold mining functions but also on buying up assorted gold mines well outside China. The country has been targeting mines within Ghana, Cote d’Ivorie and Canada in recent time.

The Zijin Mining Company has especially made some major runs in getting the Chinese gold mining economy to grow. The company has recently put in a bid for Phoenix Gold, an Australian company that is also dedicated to gold mining functions. This in turn could provide China with added materials to use for mining purposes. The chances for gold mining activities to become more popular and prevalent in China have certainly increased in recent time.

However, the greatest concern involving China’s gold mining activities involves the lack of environmental controls in place. China is known for having extremely lax rules as to how mining activities can take place in comparison to most other countries in the world. There have been various concerns over China’s air quality and how gold mining practices are not being regulated well enough to keep emissions from being more of a threat to the area.

The possibility for China to become more powerful in the world of gold production is clearly evident. Gold is readily accessible through mines all around the country and the chances for more areas in rural China to be targeted for gold mining activities are very strong.

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