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Somalia’s Civil War Has Limited Gold Mining

Somalia is a country rich in a number of important minerals, however, the protracted civil unrest that begun after the collapse of the government of Said Bare in 1991 means that the country’s mining sector is yet to develop.

With the relative peace that has existed in the northern part of the country for years and the effort by the East African community to put a government in place in the country, many international companies have begun showing interest in the country’s mining sector. The semi-autonomous region of Somaliland, which has been peaceful since 1992, has perhaps recorded the highest number of interested parties in gold exploration in the recent past.

Somalia’s Geology

Although not much gold exploration has been done in Somalia, the geology of Somalia points to a potentially rich gold resource stored below the other surface. Somalia share the same geology with its gold rich neighbors such as Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan and Yemen and thus it is highly possible that the country has huge gold resources.

In fact, the geology of the northern region of Somalia is made up of high-grade metamorphic rocks within greenstone belts that are known to contain gold rich base metals. This knowledge is what has made a lot of international gold mining companies show interest in prospecting for gold in the region. This is further fueled by the returning peace and the friendly government mining policy backed by the mining code of 1996.

Artisanal Miners

Local miners have for many years been engaged in exploration activities for both gold and other activities. This paid off in 2015, when gold nuggets where discovered in the Marodi-jeeh region. This marked an important milestone in the history of gold mining in Somalia. Reports indicate that local miners discovered gold nuggets on the rocky mountains on the outside of Hergeisa the capital city of the peaceful region of Somaliland. This is a confirmation of the existence of gold in the country.

A considerable amount of gold has been found recently by small scale gold exploration and mining in Somalia and its neighbors including Ethiopia, south Sudan, Sudan and Zambia among others. Using Minelab metal detectors to unearth gold nugget has been very productive in this part of Africa in recent years. This move is likely to further open up gold mining in Somalia and set the country on the path to become an important gold producer in Africa and is likely to push up the efforts in gold production in Somalia.

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Nubian Gold Corp.

Nubian Gold Corp. is the first and so far the only international company to conduct gold exploration activity in Somalia. This Canadian firm holds three gold exploration permits for Arapsyo, Abdul Qadir and Qahar regions.

The company in 2011 made an arrangement for Mindesta inc, another Canadian form to conduct the exploration activities on its blocks. In 2012 the company got the first results of its exploration activities on the Aarpsyo, Abdul Qadir and Qabri Bahar mining permits in Somalia. The reports indicated that the streams and mountains in the blocks hard gold anomalies but they were generally weak and there was need for further exploration to discover the extent of gold deposits in the region.

These findings increased the optimism of many other companies interested in gold exploration in the region.

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Updated: February 8, 2016 — 9:24 pm
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