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Mining Gold and other Minerals in Togo

Togo’s top mineral being mined today is phosphate, where it ranks 19th in the world. This is quite impressive considering the relatively small size of the country. Some believe that Togo may also be an important gold country given the fact that it is the immediate neighbor to Ghana, Africa’s second largest gold producer.

This has led to speculation that Togo could be having great undiscovered gold resources. Early surveys have returned positive results in regards to the availability of gold in the country. This has led to the government seeking investments in the sector to enhance gold production in the country.

History of Mining in Togo

Gold mining in Togo can be traced back to the early days of the Ashanti Kingdom. The great Ashanti kingdom extended to cover some parts of modern day Togo. The kingdom was known mostly for its gold. Some of the alluvial gold used in the trade within the kingdom was mined in rivers and streams within the modern day Togo. However, most of this gold was small scale and after the region fell into colonialism the amount of gold in the territory did not interest the British imperialist. Thus not much gold mining was done during the colonial period.

After the county gained its independence most of the mining efforts were directed towards phosphate and other minerals with little emphasis on gold. However, there has been renewed interest in the gold development in the country with the recent rise in gold price this decade.

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Gold Mining Regulation

Gold mining in Togo falls under the ministry of Mines and energy. So if you want to invest in the sector you have to contact the directorate general of mines and geology within the ministry of mines and energy for you to be given a permit to explore, or buy into an existing gold project.

Mining is controlled by the mining law number 96-004/pr of 1996. The development of this mining law and the policy opening up the mining sector for investments has helped build the Togo’s profile as gold producer in Africa.

Today, Togo exports quite a sizable amount of gold each year most of which is mined by small scale artisanal miners from different locations in the country.

Major Gold Mining Companies

One of the major player in Togo’s gold sector is the Premier African Minerals which was awarded gold exploration permits in 2013. The company has two exploration permits that cover the 400km2 gold rich Dapaong regions in Northern tog. The project is underlain via volcanic and sedimentary Birimian-aged intrusive rocks with minor volcanosedimentary sequences, quartz veins and pegmatites, which shape a part of the larger West African Craton geologic region.

Gold mineralization normally takes place along north to north-east trending shear zones and faults that reduce Birimian belts or shape the margins of those Birimian belts where sedimentary rocks regularly include paleo-placer gravels. Full-size gold mineralization has formerly been observed inside Birimian-aged formation belts located in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

Major gold mining companies like Goldfields, AngloGold, and Etruscan Resources are all doing exploration in various parts of Togo to determine the richness of gold ore deposits in the country.

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