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Finding Gold Nuggets with the Fisher F75 Metal Detector

The f75 Metal Detector by Fisher is a well priced, top of the line metal detector that offers great durability and reliability. It is quite capable of handling various types of hunting conditions, but it is particularly well suited for gold prospecting.

In fact, the Fisher f75 is one of the most popular very-low frequency (VLF) detectors being sold around the world right now being used extensively by miners at the new gold rushes in Africa in recent years.

Since there are many different features available on this detector some feel that the learning curve on the Fisher f75 is higher than some other metal detectors. While it is true that learning all of the different features can take some time, just learning some basic settings and getting started with the basics needed to start finding gold nuggets with this detector is a relatively simple process.

Features on the Fisher f75

Coming in at just 4.7lb, it is a nice lightweight metal detector that is easy to swing all day and light enough to pack into remote locations.

The fairly large LCD comes with a large 0 through 99 target identification display (making it very clear what is on the screen) and it also shows target identification, target confidence, and target depth. All of these features give the user an idea of what the target is under the coil to help them better determine if it is worth digging.

This model also has an included DST mode (Digital Shielding Technology) that is meant to reduce noise dramatically even when the machine is working at max sensitivity; although there is a bit of depth loss, this functionality can be turned on or off. There is also the standard audio output that adds another layer to being able to discriminate metals easily.

When hunting in all-metal mode, it is best to dig all or most targets, but the discrimination features may be the best choice in certain areas that are excessively trashy and you need to block out some of the iron trash. Some old goldfields are just too trashy to hunt efficiently without using some type of discrimination.

gold mining

In terms of functionality, this model comes with a double-filter discrimination mode that is good for middle ground materials, but will have a harder time at picking up materials that are deeper.

The Fisher f75 also comes with an automatic ground balancing called “Fastgrab” that makes it easier to distinguish signals due to ordinary mineralized soil from precious metals. This feature can be turned on or off through the trigger switch or manually through the LCD menu.

The f75 is also praised for its ability to operate up to 30+ hours on just four fresh AA batteries, giving it one of the longest battery life of any metal detector on the market. The use of four batteries rather than the standard eight plays a great deal in keeping the model light.

Many Search Coil Options

There are a variety of aftermarket and stock coils that you can use with the Fisher f75. The factory 10” waterproof elliptical 10” coil is one of the most popular coils for this detector, but for small gold nuggets there is also a smaller 6.5” elliptical coil that is popular. An 11” DD coil is also available for this detector, along with a variety of aftermarket coils in even larger sizes.

The large coils make it easier to cover more ground with each sweep, but can be tougher to maneuver in rocks and brush. Smaller coils allow the user to maneuver through tight spaces and vegetation with ease, and are more sensitive to those small gold nuggets on bedrock.


With an operating frequency of 13 kHz, the model is optimized for finding relics, coins, and gold. Although it won’t find small gold as well as higher kHz metal detectors like the or Fisher Gold Bug Pro, it will detect deeper targets than those detectors will.

The Fisher f75 is great for users or those who are willing to be patient while taking on the learning curve of this excellent detector. Mastering this beautiful machine is definitely well worth the effort as the depth at which it can detect metals is remarkable. It has become a favorite as a good multi-purpose coin and relic hunting detector, but as also come to be one of the most popular gold nugget detectors as well.

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