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Catch the Smallest Gold with the Gold Cube Concentrator

Mining equipment that require the separation of very fine gold from the concentrates can range from small to medium sized and have shown to be effective. However, today’s prospectors are in a rush and require equipment that are small in size (basically portable) and can also extract large amounts of gold in less time.

One of the pieces of equipment that match these features is known as the Gold Cube Concentrator. Just like the blue bowl concentrator, the gold cube is used to extract very fine gold from its primary material. The gold cube is light and small in size, which makes it very much portable. Along with portability, the Cold Cube runs on a 12-volt battery and can process about 1000 pounds of concentrates per hour. The Gold Cube is usually used when there are large amounts of materials from which gold can be extracted.


Design of the Gold Cube Concentrator


The basic Gold Cube usually consists of 1 slick plate and two concentrator trays. However, depending on the specific needs, one can stack as many concentrators as he wants. Usually, four is stacked for extra fine gold recovery.

The materials that is run down the Gold Cube needs to be classified to really fine particles. The materials cannot be any bigger than 1/8th. The Gold Cube is similar to a sluice box, in the sense that there is water running down over the matting (also known as vortex matting) which is capturing the fine gold particles. However the Gold Cube is designed to retain much smaller particles of gold than most sluice boxes can recover.

The Gold Cube is set up in such a way that the gold is forced to go under water. When the material is going into the Gold Cube, it needs to go through the a little trough and needs to go underneath a bar. This allows the gold to be under water so that gold floating on the surface is prevented, a common problem with fine gold. Also, the bar creates a trap for heavier materials like nuggets. When the gold fall into the trough, the water shoots out over the top and as the water shoots out, the gold comes up for a little bit and then falls back down onto the matting.

This creates a very low pressure area on the top of the matting. There is a low volume of water flowing in that area and so the gold settles on the trough (since it’s heavy) and on the top side of the matting.

Before starting the equipment, the mats need to be prepared since they hold air in them. To remove the air, one can saturate the mat with water or brush it with soapy water. The water that runs across the Gold Cube must contain a compound that is able to break the surface tension (like jet dry) which in turn prevents the gold from floating.

On top the mats; the slick plate is placed to easily put the materials on. Also, a bucket is placed within a bucket beneath the gold cube. The first bucket collects all the materials that run down the Gold Cube. The water will over-flow and go to the second or the bigger bucket from where the pump takes it back up to the cube. Make sure the gold cube is leveled by checking the water flow from the cube to the bucket.

The material should be poured in scoops on the slick plate. Compared to a blue bowl and many other popular fine gold recovery products, the materials can be run through the gold cube rather quickly.


Excellent Fine Gold Recovery


The Gold Cube has proven itself to be not only an excellent concentrator for processing concentrates that were run through a sluice or highbanker, but it also does a good job as a primary tool in places with very fine gold. All that is needed is to classify material down to 1/8” and then add the material directly into the top of the cube.

Many prospectors are finding that the Gold Cube Concentrator is becoming their primary prospecting tool in the Midwest because it can capture the fine particles of gold that are present there, and it can process considerably more material than most other gold concentrators on the market today.

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