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White’s MX Sport – A New Waterproof Metal Detector

White’s Electronics, headquartered in Sweet Home, Oregon, already has a great reputation when it comes to building quality detectors, and the new Whites MX Sport Metal Detector is only going to boost that reputation even more. Previous White’s machines, like the MXT, MX5, and numerous others have earned a vocal fan club.

MX Sport Metal Detector

The MX Sport is a fantastic addition to the near-legendary M-Series, hitting all the right notes on the feature list. It’s also bringing some much-anticipated new features to the White’s catalog, like being waterproof up to ten feet.

Is the MX Sport right for you? That’s will depend on what you are looking for and how you intend to use it—but it is one of the most versatile metal detectors available, and as White’s has only recently released it features some of the latest tech and options. Plus, it’s very reasonably priced.

Here’s a little more about what the MX Sport can do:


Versatility of the MX Sport


No matter your perspective, there’s no arguing against the versatility of the White’s MX Sport.

The Sport isn’t just water resistant, it’s waterproof. While you might have to call a trip short because of rain with another detector, that’s no problem for the sport. In fact, it’s fully submersible up to ten feet.

So if you want to take your gold and treasure seeking out to the river or lake, you can get as close to the water as you want without risking the investment you made in your detector. You can easily hunt the shallows of the water, or even don a wetsuit and dive down to hunt shallow areas that are inaccessible to most other detectors.

This feature also makes it a top choice for metal detecting in the rain and snow! Inclement weather will not limit your ability to stay out and hunt with the MX Sport.

Oh, and it offers detection on the beach and in both salt and freshwater environments, another relative rarity in its price range.

The MX Sport also has a nice large, bright LCD screen for easy evaluation of targets.

MX Sport LCD Screen


Types of Detection


Coin & Jewelry


The White’s MX Sport is set up to work for just about anything you want to look for. Just like the wildly popular White’s MXT, the MX Sport also has a coin and jewelry mode, a prospecting mode and a relic mode.

The coin and jewelry mode is ideal for finding just that, and it’s one of the more common uses for metal detectors. This is your ideal setting for hunting around the city looking for lost and coins, or searching along the beach for lost jewelry.


Gold Prospecting


The gold prospecting mode fine tunes the MX Sport’s settings so that it will be better able to detect gold in its natural state. This specialized mode helps to compensate for the high mineral content of the earth where gold is usually found, reducing false positives, while still maintaining the sensitivity necessary to find gold nuggets.

The MX Sport operates at a frequency of 13.8 kHz, which means it is very capable of finding gold as proven by many other gold detectors that operate in that same range and just slightly lower than the MXT which runs at 14.7 kHz.

As with any multi-purpose metal detector there will be some loss of sensitivity to small gold targets to make up for it’s more rounded capabilities as a detector, but for a multi-purpose unit the MX Sport is hard to beat for versatility.

Gold Prospecting MX Sport




In metal detecting circles “relics” is a broad term that covers a variety of artifacts that contain metals. Popular relics to search for include items from past wars, like bayonets and bullets of the civil war. You can also find other types of relics, like toys from yester-year, antique padlocks, metal belt buckles or other clothing fasteners.

The relic hunting mode is also useful for finding old dump sites—places that might contain treasures you’re interested in that you can’t detect, but because they’re mixed with items that do, you have a lead. Antique bottles are one good example of this.

The White’s MX Sport is well-suited for all of these types of detection, thanks to its several detection modes. It truly is an all-purpose metal detector.


Tones and Display Settings


Your metal detector isn’t going to do you much good if you can’t interpret the results. Not to mention frustrating if you’re constantly alerted to things you don’t want. But with White’s MX Sport metal detector, you won’t have to deal with either of those issues.

For one thing, you can set your Tone Audio IDs to any one of several different settings, depending on your preference. The maximum setting features 22 different tones, but you can lower that to as little as eight if you prefer to simplify things a bit.

The display features 20 target ID segments, so you’ll have confirmation of what’s down there, and you can exclude or “notch” certain types of target detection according to your preference. If you want to narrow your search down to more valuable metals, for example, you can do just that and block out iron and other ferrous metals which are generally of little value.

Some other aspects of the display are also customizable. For example, you can receive depth readings in either inches or centimeters. All of this is packaged in a very clear, backlit, well-organized, and sizeable display screen.

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White’s MX Sport Metal Detector: A Summary


This metal detector is truly outstanding in its price bracket, offering far more versatility than many other similarly priced metal detectors. With 6 different search mode options, along with its waterproof construction, notch style discrimination, and countless other features, this is one of the most versatile metal detectors to hit the market in a very long time.

The Whites MX Sport is a great choice for a beginner who isn’t quite sure where they want to go with their new hobby, and for an experienced vet who wants a go-to all-purpose metal detector.

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