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The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System – Works With Any Metal Detector

Do you feel that the headphones cords on your metal detector are annoyingly cumbersome?

Then free yourself from the trouble by buying the new Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System. The system lets you pair your metal detector wirelessly with any type of standard headphones.

Garrett Z-lynk Wireless Headphone System

The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System lets you “cut the cord” and eliminates the need to have your headphones connected to your metal detector.

It also works at speeds in excess of six times that of the Bluetooth, so the speed of the target response is not an issue.

Although there are a number of wireless systems in the market already, the new Z-Lynk wireless system is the fastest with its supersonic speeds. It has a maximum of 17-millisecond delay in relaying a signal to your headphone from the metal detector making it about six times faster than all the Bluetooth-based wireless systems in the market.

With such speeds, the Z-Lynk wireless system has the potential to drastically improve the speed and comfort of your metal detecting without being tethered to your headphones.


Key Features:


The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System is designed with lots of great features to help you get the best out of metal detecting. The system is compatible with almost all the brands of headphones. Since it is compatible with any standard 1/4″ jack, it means that you don’t have to buy new headphones for you enjoy the benefits of the system.

It is built with a 1/4″ headphone connector to allow you to use it with standard headphones, but if you use either the Garrett AT Gold or AT Pro then you will have to buy a seperate adapter to use the system because the two metal detectors don’t use the universal 1/4″ connector.

The system will not have interference from any other nearby wireless systems that are operating.

For easy setting up and pairing the Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System is made up of two important units: the wireless receiver which is used to connect your headphones and a wireless transmitter which straps your metal detector.

The two units can provide up to 30 hours of battery life if well charged. The installation of the units is also quite easy. For the transmitter, all you need to do is to use an elastic strap to hold it in position on your detector then plug the micro-USB plug into the Headphone jack of your metal detector and the wireless transmitter. For the wireless receiver, just plug your current headphones into the receiver and stick it in your pocket.


Using the Garrett Z-Lynk


To turn the system on just press the power button on the wireless receiver and on the wireless transmitter for a few seconds. Alternatively, you turn on your detector so as to activate its auto-on feature. Wait for a few seconds for the system to pair. When paired both the receiver and the transmitter should show solid red light. To enable better pairing, ensure that you bring the two to within three feet of each other upon switching on.

To switch off the Z-Lynk units, simply switch off the detector followed by the pressing of the power buttons on both the receiver and the transmitter.

The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries; one for the wireless transmitter unit and the other for the wireless receiver unit. They system also comes with a USB to micro-USB cables to be used for the charging of the batteries. When you buy a new Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System you need to charge the batteries for about five hours for them to be fully charged. You can charge the batteries at home, in your car or using a compatible mobile phone power bank.

When fully charged the batteries will give you up to 30 hours of use. You don’t have to keep checking the system for battery levels as the battery indicator light starts flashing with up to three hours remaining. This should warn you to recharge your battery.

The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System is designed with a great volume control unit to help you clearly hear the signals when metal detecting. This is a great feature given the fact that quite a number of headphone brands do not have volume control. With the feature, you can increase the volume when metal detecting in a noisy place and lower the volume when detecting in a silent place.

The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System is also water resistant and thus great for you when prospecting in light rain, but it is important to note that being water resistant is not the same as waterproof. What this means is that the system should not be submerged in water as this is not what it is designed to do. For example, if you using a fully-submersible metal detector to hunt for valuables in water then don’t pair them with the Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System. It should also not be used in heavy rains.




* Speed: 17-millisecond delay
* Environmental: Water Resistant
* Batteries: 2 rechargeable Lithium batteries
* Battery Life: 30 hours per charge
* Frequency: 2.4 GHz band frequency hopping
* Charging: Micro-USB charging port


Pros and Cons




* Fast response time from the detector to your ears
* Eliminates the disadvantage of having a corded headphone
* Has a long lasting battery




* Water resistant, but not waterproof
* Not compatible with a few metal detectors models without adapter




The Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System a great innovation that will help to make metal detecting much more pleasant. It is fast and eliminates all problems associated with corded headphones. While cords might not bother some detectorists, once you have gone cordless you will never go back!

It is compatible with a wide range of headphone brands and can be used in a wide range of conditions.

I am a bit disappointed that it is not fully waterproof. In 2017, I think it should be expected that metal detectors AND accessories should be waterproof for those of us that hunt in the rain and underwater.

Nonetheless, the Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System is an excellent value and will make a fine addition to your metal detecting arsenal.

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