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Gold Mining in Denmark – Potential Prospecting Locations

Gold mining in Denmark has always been on small scale. This is because the country does not have large scale exploitable minerals reserves as those found in other countries within Europe. However, Denmark’s geology does contain minerals such gold, petroleum, salt, natural gas, limestone, and chalk among others. Other than limestone all the other minerals are mined only on a small scale.

The government of Denmark is looking at ways to make its mining industry more sustainable for the future. The government is already promoting exploration activities, especially for the lucrative gold and precious metal sector. There have been a number of discoveries in the recent past and the government is working with industry leaders and researchers to advance research in better technologies and exploration methods to improve the production levels in the country.


Gold in Neighboring Countries


Experts and other stakeholders believe that Denmark is likely to become a net export of gold and other precious metal in the near future. Not within its own borders though.

This follows the opening of major gold mines in Greenland which has a similar geological makeup with the country. Greenland has also produced a considerable amount of gold in the past, and these points to the direction that Denmark is likely to take with increased exploration and sufficient study of the country’s rock structures.

A considerable amount of gold has been discovered in the neighboring Sweden and Finland which is indicative a potential future finds for Denmark gold prospectors. Most of the North Europe has similar geological formation and the presence of gold in one area is likely to indicate to the availability of gold in a neighboring country.

With more prospecting and use of advanced techniques, gold in commercially viable quantities may be discovered in the country.


Gold Finds in Denmark


The major discovery of gold in the recent time has been found in the Rødekro region in the southern part of Denmark. This is a testimony to the potential of the country give the fact that most of the early exploration and discoveries has been mainly in the Northern part of the country.

With the northern part of the country having registered a number of gold finds in the past, there is a renewed hope in the existence of more gold now that there has been some finding recorded in Rodekro.


Glacial Gold Deposits in Denmark


A study of the pattern of gold discovery shows that the gold found in modern-day Denmark was brought to the country during the ice ages from the Scandinavia in the North. A study of the history if the northern Europe shows that several huge glaciers have rolled across large areas of the continent several times in the past depositing minerals including gold in the area.

The occurrence of glacial gold deposits is the same phenomenon that has occurred in the United States and around the world.

During the ice age, as the glaciers melted, they formed rivers which collected gravel, rocks, and minerals such as gold from the ice and carried them downstream to what was referred to as the percolation zone. This is the zone where water left the glacier and where heavy minerals such as gold were deposited while the light gravels were carried further down. Denmark laid in the Percolation zone of the most recent glaciers and this can explain the presence of gold in the country.

Many people in Southern Jutland prospect for gold in stream and gravel pits using metal detectors and sluice boxes. The region has produced some gold nuggets although little exploration has been done to determine the extent of the gold in the soils. Experts believe that small gold nuggets could be found in gravel deposits across all Denmark.


Recreational Gold Prospecting in Denmark


With a little exploration, Denmark is a great place for recreational gold prospectors and treasure hunters to find real gold. The country has many hot spots for find precious metals and gold nuggets.

For gold nuggets, one place to try your luck include gravel pits spread all over the country. Most of these are private properties and you will have to seek the permission of the owners for you to explore them. Armed with a good metal detector you will stand a great chance of finding gold nuggets that no one else is looking for.

You may also try your luck in the local rivers and stream most of which have existed for hundreds of years and presents with a great potential of finding gold nuggets on the river beds.

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Although not always a great metal mineral producer, Denmark cannot be counted out when it comes to gold prospecting. There are several places with great potential even though evidence point to the fact that the gold in the country was deposited from glacial deposits originating in Scandinavia.

The government has done little in the past to fund and help with gold prospecting.

There does seem to be a change of policy with the government now encouraging more prospecting and study of the geological structure with the aim of discovering more metal minerals for mining.

It is very possible that more significant gold deposits could be discovered in Denmark in future years.

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