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6 Places to Find Lost Coins and Jewelry in Your Town

Metal detecting park

When you are searching for lost items such as coins and jewelry with your metal detector, you don’t need to travel to faraway places to find them. All you need is to know the right places near your home where you can find these items.

Some of the best places to find some valuable coins include:


1. Old Houses


Of course, old houses as a viable place to find valuable coins. This is where people spend most of their time, so they lose items here over the years. Coins fall out of their pockets and over the years it can be quite surprising just how many there actually are. A metal detector will find them in short order.

Many old folks hid their money in their homes and searching hold homes can make you find some serious coins hidden somewhere. Some of the places you should look for when searching old homes include old fence post holes, near big trees, in the garden, on the floor of the outer house, in the walls of the house, and on attic floors.


2. Along Rivers Banks and Beneath Bridges


Rivers and creeks are often the other end of drainage systems and often carry lots of coins, jewelry and other valuables from settlement areas. People like to swim and gather along rivers, particularly when they are near a town.

One more advantage with searching waterways is that most other metal detectorists will overlooks them because often their metal detectors are not waterproof. They might search along the banks, but can’t explore the shallow water unless they have a waterproof metal detector like the Garrett AT Pro.

Lots of old stories about lost treasure talk about such being hidden by a creek, along a river bank too. If you are looking for old coins and treasure from the past then these are the right places for you to look, but you’ll need to do your research if you want to find these rare treasures.


3. Old Travel Routes


Old railroads and stations, wagon trails, and old hiking routes are some of the great places to hunt for old coins. In the old days, coins were used to pay for train fare and buy things on the train. This put trains stations and railroads in close proximity with a lot of coins every day. Quite a number of coins got lost near trains station and along railroads. Searching around old and abandoned railroad stations and along the railroads, you will be surprised with the amount coins you will discover.

Hiking and biking trails along with other more modern transport routes are places where coins and other interesting items can be lost. Of course, these are likely to be more modern items.


4. Old Bus Stops and Roadside Stands


Old Bus stops, old movie house compounds and old roadside stands (especially those meant for ice creams) makes for some great sites to search with a metal detector. Bus stops where people paid fare with coins, movie houses that were once popular with teenagers and young adults and roadside selling points for ice cream and other snacks were places were a lot of coins were handled and so many of them were lost. These places where people congregated are always worth checking out.


5. Picnic sites


People have always enjoyed spending their free time camping and picnicking. Most state parks and city parks offer serves as a picnic site for many people across different states. With a large number of people visiting these places every weekend and holiday, people tend to lose things from jewelry and coins to other valuables. Working such places with your metal detector will yield a lot of these things.

When hunting parks, forests and other picnic and camping sites make sure you pay attention to state and federal laws that govern such places. Some state parks prohibit digging while others allow digging only in certain areas. To avoid trouble with law enforcement stick to the laid out laws and make sure you are staying out of trouble.

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6. Local Beaches


Your local beaches attract hordes of people each day and this is a great source of lost coins, jewelry and other items you can hunt for. In many cases, when people go to the beach they buy snacks and other items along the way and end up with coins as change. When they play on the beaches their coins and jewelry get lost in the sand. Sometimes they are foolish enough to take off their priced earrings, rings or chains which in the process get covered with the loose sand and they forget about it. Cold water will also make a ring come right off.

In some places, coins and other valuable carried to the ocean by the rivers get washed to the beach during the high tides. All these makes the sands on the rich in coins, jewelry, and other valuable items. With a metal detector, you can scan the sands on your local beaches and discover a lot of valuable items. Beaches have loose sands and you can easily dig up any buried items.

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