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Some of the Best Digging Tools for Metal Detecting

Your metal detector alone will not get you the valuables buried deep underneath the ground.

Metal Detecting Digging Tool

Yes, to successful hunt for coins and other lost treasure you need a good quality metal detector designed for the specific job you want. In addition to the metal detector for finding targets you should also have a good sharp tool for cutting through the dirt and recovering your target.

There are a few different options out there that detectorists like. Here are a few of them:


Metal Detecting Shovel


Quite a number of treasure hunters and metal detector hobbyist buy an ordinary shovel but soon they realize that a gardening shovel is not made for the kind of work involved in recovering the targets. Garden shovels are usually very large, and while they are fine for digging, they are much bigger than necessary most of the time.

There are small metal detecting shovels made specifically for digging. The metal detecting shovel is relatively small when compared to the ordinary gardening shovel. It is also made with heavy materials that can dig even the hardest ground. They are also a better size for carrying with you while you hunt.


Treasure Hunting Knife


This is another great tool for digging the ground and recovering your targets. The knife is made with strong hardened stainless steel for digging small holes to recover small targets near the soil surface. It also comes in handy when you have to recover targets beneath the roots of a tree or irregular rocks where a metal detecting shovel is too large to dig.

Quite a number of people use an ordinary hunting knife for this job. These work ok, but hunting knives are made for cutting soft materials not digging had rocks or cutting roots. You will find these to be inadequate after you’ve hunted for a while and you’ll be looking for something better.


Metal Detecting Trowel


The metal detecting trowel is smaller than a normal shovel but larger than a metal detecting knife. A metal detecting trowel is made of strong hardened stainless steel which makes it harder than the ordinary gardening trowel.

Unlike a gardening trowel which are sometimes pretty cheap and will easily bend or even break if used for digging, a metal detecting trowel can dig even in the toughest terrains to recover your targets. Whereas shovels work best in places with relatively soft soils, the metal detecting trowel work best in any condition. If you have hard ground, places with roots and obstructions that the shovel can fit in, then your best tool for such digging would be a trowel.

When buying metal detecting digging tools, make sure that you go for those that are made with hardened stainless steel because they are not affected by rust and really tough when it comes to digging. You should also go for tools that have a serrated edge. A metal detecting shovel or knife with a serrated edge will make it easy for you to cut through sod as compared to tools with a non-serrated edge.

Luckily today there are several metal detecting shovels, trowels, and knives that you can buy. Here are some specific tools on the market that are the most popular:


1. The Lesche Digging Tool


This is a great tool for digging through roots and cutting through sensitive ground where you need to recover your target and return the ground to the way it looked before digging. It is an excellent form of a metal detecting knife that is made from aircraft quality steel that is heat treated to give it superior strength. This makes the tool last longer and digs even in the hardest soils.

The Lesche Digging Tool come with a lifetime warranty and is likely never going to break like the cheaper tools you might buy at a hardware store. The knife is serrated on one edge for cutting roots and pulling out metallic targets from the ground. There are tools serrated on the right site while others on the left. This is to help left handed and right handed people to work with it quite easily.


2. Lesche Sampson T-Handle Shovel


This is another great metal detecting digging tool. The shovel is perfect for treasure hunting especially if you have to dig up a large hole in order for you to recover a target. Just like the Lesche digging tool, the Lesche Sampson T-Handle Shovel is made from heat treated aircraft quality steel which is tough and does not break. The handle is made in a T-shape to make it easy for digging.

There are two serrated models of the shovel: one with a single age serrated and the other with the two edges serrated. The tool is perfect for digging and pulling out objects a deeper depths.


3. Lesche Mini Sampson 18″ Serrated


If you prefer something much smaller than the shovel, then the Lesche Mini Sampson 18″ Serrated is the best bet you have. It is much smaller and thus easy to carry around than a shovel. In addition, it is made of the same high-quality heat treated steel as the rest of the Lesche brands. in addition, its smaller size allows for digging in squeezed places such as between rocks or tree roots so that you can access your target. The blade is serrated on one side to enable root-cutting and help recover items more easily.

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