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Pictures of Genuine Gold Nuggets – Real not Fake!

All of the pictures on this page are real, genuine, natural gold nuggets.

Gold nuggets are all somewhat different. They can vary quite a bit not only in shape and texture, but also in purity and brightness. While each piece can look quite a bit different, it’s pretty easy to know what real gold looks like one you’ve seen and held it in your hand.

small gold nuggets

Some small gold nuggets recovered from the California Mother Lode region.

Coarse Gold

This is a coarse piece of natural gold from Arizona. This piece was found close the the vein, which is why it is so rough in texture and not yet polished into a smooth nugget.

Gold Nuggets with Small Search coils

Nice little gold nuggets from California. These were found in a river and have been naturally polished to a nice shine.

Cabochon of gold and quartz

Natural gold veins in quartz can be cut and polished into nice cabochons that are popular in jewelry.

Gold from the Mojave Desert

Some nice desert gold nuggets. All these were found with a metal detector in Mohave County, Arizona.

Colorado Gold Nuggets

A pair of gold nuggets found in the Central City, Colorado. Each one weighs over an ounce and represent the type of gold that was found by the early placer miners back before the areas had been mined hard.

Gold Nugget found with XP Deus

Natural gold nugget found in the Mojave Desert.

A nice collection of gold nuggets found with metal detectors. Most of the smaller nuggets in the glass vials were found with a Fisher Gold Bug 2. Their accumulated weight is several ounces valued at many thousands of dollars.

handheld pinpointer gold nugget

A spectacular gold in quartz specimen from Australia. Gold in quartz is highly valued by collectors.

Mining Jobs

Some more nice big nuggets from northern Arizona.

Gold Nugget from Arizona

Another Arizona gold nugget…

Australian gold

Many ounces of gold nuggets from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Some of the purest natural gold in the world is found in Australia.

red quartz gold

Some raw gold in quartz. Note the reddish iron staining on the quartz. This can be a good indicator of gold-bearing ground.

jewelry quality gold nuggets

A nice matched pair of gold nuggets makes for a lovely pair of earrings. This can be a good way to add to the value of your gold nuggets, but only a small percentage of gold nuggets are “jewelry quality.”

Rare gold from California

Gold found in northern California. Very coarse textured nuggets with several specimens in quartz.

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