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24 Gold Panning Locations in New England – Rivers with Gold

For an area that never had much in the way of commercial mining, New England actually has a surprising amount of gold.

There are 24 rivers in New England where you can find gold by panning and sluicing, but you should also keep in mind that gold isn’t just in rivers. There are also hundreds of smaller creeks that are worth exploring too. This article should help you get started.

Gold Panning in New England

Gold-bearing Rivers in Maine


1. Swift River


The Swift River in Maine is one of the better prospecting locations in New England. The biggest nuggets ever found in New England came out of the Swift River.

You can find gold in several parts of the river, but the East Branch near Bryon is a favorite.


2. Sandy River


There is fine gold in the Sandy River around Farmington and Madrid.


3. South Branch Penobscot River


The headwaters start at the Quebec border and fine gold can be found in the river throughout Somerset County.


4. Cupsuptic River


One of the well-known gold-bearing locations in Maine is the Cupsuptic River near Rangley. Several other creeks around Rangley will produce gold by panning.


5. St. Croix River


There is gold in the St. Croix River, but it is extra fine textured and can be difficult to capture.

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New Hampshire


6. Ammonoosuc River


The Ammonoosuc River is a great place to do some gold prospecting. Fine gold is present all through the river although some areas are better than others. Also check the small tributaries that flow into the main river.


7. Wild Ammonoosuc River


This is probably the most popular gold panning location in New Hampshire. The section that flows through the White Mountain National Forest near the town of Bath has been historically rich.


8. Connecticut River


Gold here is very fine, but it is present in many areas. Search exposed gravel bars.

gold panning New England

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9. Baker River


Near the towns of Rumney and Plymouth, New Hampshire you will be able to find some gold in the Baker River.

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Gold-bearing Rivers in Vermont


10. Ottauquechee River


One great place to find gold is near the town of Bridgewater, Vermont. The Ottauquechee River flows through the area and gold has been found to be particularly rich in this section of the river.


11. White River


The White River in Vermont has been prospected for gold and a decent amount has been recovered over the years. The gravels will still yield some nice gold if you dig in the right places.


12. Rock River


Where it flows through Brookside, South Newfane, and Williamsville is a known gold mining area. There is also some gold in the West River here too.


13. Williams River


Search around the town of Chester, Vermont. Highway 103 provides good access to much of the river.


14. Black River


Gold can be panned from the Black River near Ludlow, Vermont.


15. Mad River


The Mad River at Warren, Vermont is a known gold producer.


16. Lamoille River


The Lamoille River flows into Lake Champlain and has been known to contain gold for centuries.


17. Missisquoi River


The Missisquoi River is another that drains into Lake Champlain where you can recover gold. Check the areas around Troy and Lowell.


18. Little River


Hogback Mountain in Vermont is believed to be the source of the gold that is found in the Little River. The drainages that come off the mountain will result in gold if you take your time and put in the effort.

Gold-bearing Rivers in Massachusetts


19. Westfield River


Many waters around Westfield, Massachusetts have gold, including Westfield River. The West Branch of the river is also worth exploring. There was quite a bit of mining done here during the Great Depression.


20. Deerfield River


Check around the towns of Charlemont and Deerfield, Massachusetts.


21. Mill River


Around Northampton, Massachusetts you can find gold in the Mill River.


22. Fall River


The Fall River has gold from where Couch Brook enters all the way down to the Connecticut River.

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Gold-bearing Rivers in Connecticut


23. Farmington River


There are fine gold deposits in the Farmington River. You will need to find exposed gravel bars and search for layers of black sand. They are likely to contain some gold.


24. Naugatuck River


The Naugatuck River does have some gold, but it is many of the brooks that drain into it that are likely to result in a lot more gold.

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gold panning New England

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