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New Coil Options for the Minelab SDC 2300

Coiltek Aftermarket Coils for Minelab SDC 2300

Some pretty exciting news for users of the Minelab SDC 2300. Coiltek is coming out with a line of custom coils that can be swapped out for the small 8″ round coil that currently comes with the detector.

There Minelab SDC 2300 has been one of the most popular gold detectors on the market for several years now. It has a variety of interesting features that make it the ideal detector for many prospectors. The main advantages of this detector include:

  • Portable/Fold-Up Design
  • Fully Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Pulse Induction Technology
  • Extreme sensitivity to small, crystalline and specimen gold

    Small Coil Limitations


    This detector, up to this point, has filled a very specific niche. Since it is hard-wired with a small 8″ round coil, it doesn’t work well for all applications. You can’t cover a lot of ground with that little coil. It works best for shallow bedrock hunting and sniping gold nuggets from cracks underwater.

    The limitations were purely based on the inability to swap out that little coil for something different.

    Finally, Coiltek has come out with a line of aftermarket coils that are designed specifically for the SDC 2300!


    Coil Options for the SDC 2300


    There are now 3 additional coil options that can be fitted with the Minelab SDC 2300. These sizes will really help to give this detector more versatility.

    10″ x 5″ Gold Extreme

    This will a good bedrock sniping coil. Sensitivity will likely be similar to the stock 8″ round, but the added length adds 2″ per swing of the coil, making it better for searching larger areas. Many prospectors prefer the oblong shape for their superiority in navigating around grass and brush.

    11″ Gold Extreme

    An 11″ round has long been the standard size for most metal detectors. It is a good versatile size for general search. It will likely add some depth over stock coil.

    14″ x 9″ Gold Extreme

    The stock setup on the SDC 2300 simply doesn’t work for scanning large areas. It’s great for cleaning up little nuggets from known patches, but it’s certainly not good for covering a lot of ground. This new 14″ x 9″ coil will now make the SDC 2300 a detector that you can use for patch hunting and general detecting. This is the versatility that it has been missing since this detector first came out.


    Not for Underwater Hunting


    One downside with these new coils is that they are water-resistant but not waterproof. One of the best features of the SDC 2300 has always been its fully waterproof design which allowed for safe hunting in shallow water.

    Water resistant coils are safe to use in the rain and can handle plenty of moisture without risk of failure, but they cannot be submerged in the water. If you currently use your SDC 2300 for creek hunting you will want to stick with the stock 8″ round coil.

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    Swapping out Coils


    Taking off the original 8″ and swapping with these new coils is slightly more involved than other detectors, since the stock coil is hard-wired to the detector. You will need to remove a couple hex screws and flat head screws to release the stock coil. The aftermarket coils are hooked up and the cord is wrapped around the shaft like any other detector.

    Coiltek is selling a “Gold Extreme Accessory Pack” that will include all the tools needed to swap out the stock coil for the aftermarkets ones.

    Detecting Gold Nuggets


    Should You Buy One?


    Your personal needs and hunting style as a gold prospector will dictate whether these new coils are right for you. I expect most SDC 2300 users will want to add at least one of these new coils to their arsenal.

    If you are a dedicated water hunter then you won’t find much use for these new coils. Since they cannot be fully submerged underwater, you will want to continue using the stock 8″ round coil that comes with the detector.

    Most SDC 2300 users don’t go into the water, so these new coils will likely be advantageous. The 10″ x 5″ size will be a great size for hunting around brush in the desert, since the oblong size is much better for working up underneath shrubs. The 14″ x 9″ is also going to be of real interest for prospectors who want to use the SDC 2300 to cover ground and discover new patches.


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