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World-Class Gem & Mineral Display – See it in Denver!

If you find yourself in Denver, don’t miss out on one of the finest gem and mineral collections anywhere! The Denver Museum of Nature and Science hosts the collection. It contains amazing specimens from all around the world, with a heavy emphasis on pieces found right there in the state of Colorado.

Rhodochrosite is one of the most beautiful minerals on Earth, and the nicest specimens are found in Colorado. This collection contains some exceptional pieces, including the famous “Alma King” which resembles a softball sized pieces of red candy nestled in white quartz crystals.

Visitors can get an up-close and personal look at hundreds of minerals. Plan on spending several hours when you visit. I could spend all day here…

These malachite and azurite specimens are found in association with copper. Many of the copper mines throughout the Southwest have produced nice collector-grade samples. These ones are huge samples that are highly valued by collectors.

Some of the displays are set up to recreate the minerals similar to how they would have been found in the Earth. This recreated pocket of amazonite and smoky quartz is like the world-class deposits that have been recovered in Colorado.

For me, the centerpiece of all the minerals at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science would have to be the crystalline gold display. Colorado is famous for its large crystalline gold specimens. The famous “Tom’s Baby” specimen, a 12-pound chunk of gold, is on display here. Hundreds of smaller samples are just as impressive with their intricate shapes.

Breathtaking gypsum crystals from Mexico.

“Diane’s Pocket” is a relatively recent discovery. It was unearthed in 2004 in the Sawatch Mountains of Colorado. It is the largest aquamarine piece ever found.

The pictures in this article are just a tiny sample of the various gems and minerals that you can see on display. This is a rare opportunity to see some truly world-class minerals. Don’t miss it if you are in Denver!

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