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England Gold Locations & Prospecting Areas

England has always been known as a wealthy country, but the mineral wealth has never gotten much attention. The country is actually quite rich in mineral resources, and there have been discoveries of various minerals all across the UK.

Different areas have produced different minerals deposits. Iron, copper, silver, tin and lead have all been mined in England, but with the high price of gold in recent years there has been increasing interest in gold from casual prospectors.

The demand for gold worldwide has always outweighed the demand. For a person wishing to find gold in England, it is important to keep your expectations in check. While there are many areas where natural gold deposits can be found, for the most part it is highly unlikely that it will be a profitable endeavor. Nonetheless, prospecting for gold can be a very fun hobby, and the following areas might be the best places to begin:


Northern Pennines


Apart from being such a beautiful place, the Northern Pennines area is a great location for gold prospecting in England. In the past, there have been discoveries of various minerals in this area, including gold. In particular, one could start with the Nenthead area and River Swale as there are indicators that gold can be found here.

With confirmed reports of gold found in the Northern Pennines area and it would not be unexpected to find more gold in this area. Fine gold deposits can likely be panned in many of the waterways in this region. Be sure to carefully pan the gravels just above bedrock within a stream, as this is where gold is most likely to accumulate.

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The Lake District


This is another area where gold has been found. Specifically, one could begin in Muringsdale or Blencathra Mountain, which have a known reputation of having placer gold deposits. The Dunmail Raise areas, as well as Sedbergh and Trutbeck are also areas where one might want to try their luck searching for gold in England. A number of prospectors have been successful in these areas.


Forest of Dean


The Forest of Dean area has always been associated with different types of minerals. However, gold is what has made the area popular. Traditionally, there were indications that gold had been found in the Wigpool area in 1906. This is a good area to start the search for gold in England. Streams and rivers are usually good places to search for gold. Downstream of the Bailey Level is a good place to search for gold. In addition, the Dolaucothi area offers good chances of finding gold.

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Hopes, Nose, Torquay, Devon


Rocky areas are always prospective areas for persons in search of gold. The Devon County area is one search area that offers a good chance of some success. In the past, reports have shown that the Devon area is rich in a variety of minerals. Interest in the area has continued rising as more and more people go searching for gold in the area. It is definitely a good place to begin the search for gold in England.

selling placer gold


Camborne, Cornwall


Cornwall has always been famous for its mineral deposits. In the past, tin was the most popular mineral found in Cornwall. However, the finding of gold deposits in Camborne has raised the areas profile as a popular gold prospecting area in England.

Many of the rivers in Cornwall are said to be rich in gold deposits. In particular, the rivers in North and West of Cornwall are good areas to begin the search for gold. Gold has also been commercially mined from some of the old tin deposits throughout this area as well. This is a good sign for gold prospectors as it indicates there are actual gold deposits in the area.

The South Crofty mine where the gold deposits were found show that miners can actually find reasonable amounts of gold in the area. These deposits are not just placers, but lode occurrences also.




Gold prospecting in England remains a popular activity for many, both young and old alike. With the proper information on where gold has be found, you can vastly increase your chances of success.

The areas mentioned above are good places for one to begin when searching for gold. The fact that gold has been found in these areas in the past makes them good spots to begin. Of course, there is always the possibility that gold can be found just about anywhere, so even if you are too far from the areas mentioned here, don’t be afraid to try gold panning at a creek closer to home. You never know when you might find a bit of “color!”

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