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Solid Gold Nugget from CA

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This website stems from my personal passion about mining, geology, and the hunt for nature’s treasures!

Learn about how gold and other valuable resources are still being found today. Find areas that you can go out and search for gold, gems, lost treasures and other valuable resources.

We also document the old mines, historic mining districts, ghost towns, lost treasure tales, and the amazing places that are remnants of our amazing past. We teach people how to go out and explore the natural world and find there very own hidden treasures.


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RareGoldNuggets offers opportunities for businesses that offer goods and services related to our content. Nearly all of our traffic comes directly from search engines, so our visitors are very targeted and actively interested in gold prospecting, mining history, precious metals, rockhounding, etc.

Contact us using the email address above if you think that your business would be a good fit for our website. Include a link to your website. Only businesses that we consider a good fit four our audience will be approved. We can provide to current prices and options available to you.


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You can help us make our website more comprehensive by submitting articles and photographs that would be of interest to our readers. In particular we are interested in current photos of ghost towns, rockhounding areas, historic mines, and similar content that complements our site.

All content submitted must be original work. RareGoldNuggets.com reserves the right to refuse content submitted for any reason. Submission of any text or photographs to RareGoldNuggets.com includes granting of electronic rights. Publishing of material does not constitute endorsement of the writer’s business or website. Articles that are written purely for self-promotion or for backlinks should reference the ‘advertisers’ section above.

Idaho Panhandle Gold

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