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Recover Fine Gold with the Gold Miner Spiral Panning Machine

Gold panning machines are the perfect tool for anyone who wants to save time and energy when separating gold from black sand or other materials. The Gold Miner Spiral Panning Machine is perfect for this task, as it does it quickly and efficiently while having the ability to catch even the smallest specks of gold. Each unit comes stocked with a 13″ spiral wheel with seven spirals, pump and spray bar assembly, drive unit with frame, catch cup, tailings container, pump filter, and a durable carrying case that is 20’’ x 15’’ x 13’’ (LWH). The unit operates on a 12V DC power source.

With the unit and carrying case together, this robust machine weighs a little over 10lb. and packs efficiently for transport. In terms of functionality, the spiral wheel can make twelve revolutions per second, which is fairly quick compared to some other models of spiral panners.

Unlike most top of the line panning machines, the Gold Miner Spiral Panning Machine does not have the ability to operate under different speeds. Each spiral though is of the highest quality as they are extremely deep, sharp, and perfectly made. The unit is also able to recirculate up to three gallons of water all day; users simply need to set up the machine once and can leave it running for a full day with little supervision.

In case you do want to change the settings while the panning machine is running, the pan comes with micro adjusters that make it easy to change the angle even while it is running. In a typical hour, the pump is able to sort through and process about 60 pounds of concentrate or material.

The Gold Miner Spiral Panning Machine is also built with top of the line material, insuring great durability for years of use. The pan is coated in Delrin, giving it a scratch-free surface. The carrying case is also made out of ABS plastic for high durability. In case parts do become damaged, however, each unit comes with a 5-year guaranteed warranty.

Pros & Cons

♦Requires very little supervision
♦Built for durability
♦Angle adjustments can be made while in use

♦DC power source not included
♦No variable speeds


The Gold Miner Spiral Gold Panning Machine is extremely easy to use and requires very little supervision once started. Assembly takes mere minutes and once started does an excellent job at sorting through materials. It is built reliably for years of use. If you want a unit that can help make the process of separating gold from black sands an easier task, the Gold Miner Spiral Panning Machine can be bought for a reasonable price of $300.

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