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Natural Gold Nuggets

Several ounces of natural gold nuggets recently found by a gold prospector using a metal detector. Nuggets like these can still be found in old historic mining areas, but new discoveries are are also being made even today in many locations all around the world.

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The Lure of Gold:

It is amazing how many people think all of the gold is long gone. They assume that the “old timers” found it all, and there is nothing left to find.
Nope. Not even close.
Geologists estimate that 90% – 95% of the all the gold on Earth is still in the ground waiting to be found! Yes those “old timers” did find a lot of gold, but they left plenty behind for you and me!
With the increased price of gold over the past few years, the gold prospecting has become more popular than ever, and many people are learning that there is indeed plenty of gold out there yet to be found.
But it isn’t just the high price of gold that interests people.
With all the technology that we are all bombarded with on a daily basis in this modern world, people are beginning to seek out more healthy outdoor activities, away from our computers, TVs, and smartphones.
Prospecting for gold is one of the few outdoor activities that will not only get you outside and into nature, but you might also make a little money too! No doubt about it, the allure of gold and its value is something that has attracted humans since the beginning of time.
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