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Clickable Map – Resource for Gold Miners Worldwide

This page has takes you to clickable maps for every country on Earth! We are still adding information to many different countries right now, and we are constantly adding new information as it becomes available. If you have any first-hand knowledge of mining in an area that we have not mentioned, we welcome you to contact us!

15 Metal Detectors That Will Find Gold Nuggets

This article separates the good from the bad, and tells you exactly which metal detectors will help you find gold nuggets. Most multi-purpose metal detectors on the market are poorly designed to find gold, so check out our list of 15 gold metal detectors for the most up to date information.

Gold in Quartz Rock – Crushing Ore and Specimens

This article takes a look at how to crush up rocks and determine if they have any gold in them. By far, the most common question we get is from people who have shiny gold colored rocks and they want to know if it’s gold or not. This article will explain how to find out.

Finally! The Ultimate Gold Panning Guide!

We think this is the best information available online about panning for gold. It goes beyond the simple step-by-step basics, and really tells you exactly how to use a gold pan to find gold in a river or stream. Focus starts from ‘Where to Dig’ all the way to final processing of black sands.

The Best Way to Market and Sell Placer Gold

Eventually a gold miner will need to sell their gold, and surprisingly it can be quite difficult to get a fair price for it. This article takes a look at various options to sell the gold that you find, and helps the reader understand what their gold is actually worth.

3 Reasons You Never Find Any Gold

The information here is short and sweet, yet for most struggling gold prospectors, one of these 3 things is the reason that they are having trouble finding gold.

Natural Gold Indicators (Part 1 of 3)

Where can you actually find gold? Every gold miner wants to know the answer to this question. In this series, we take a look at the geology and natural indicators on the landscape that can lead you to areas where you can find gold.

Man-Made Gold Indicators (Part 1 of 2)

Understanding geology is important, but in most areas the gold has already been discovered. The best place to look for gold area the same areas where to “old timers” searched for it. Learn to identify the indicators of historic mining activity will help you find gold today.

The Largest Piece of Gold Ever Found

This one is just fun! The “Holtermann Nugget” was the largest piece of gold ever discovered on Earth. This article (and video) talks about the history of the discovery.

The 5 Best States to Find Gold Nuggets

You can find gold in just about every state in the U.S., but there are really only a handful of states where you can consistently find gold nuggets. These 5 states are notable for their routinely producing gold nuggets for prospectors using a variety of different mining techniques.

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