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Extensive Gold & Mineral Resource in Tajikistan

This is one of the most mineral resource rich countries in Asia. Other than gold the country has recorded discovery of almost all other mineral resources. In fact, Tajikistan has about 400 reported mineral resource deposits. Geological surveys show that the country has a significant amount of gold deposits that are yet to be exploited, which indicates that there is significant opportunity for gold investors to take advantage of this underutilized resource and help in the extraction of gold and precious metals within Tajikistan.

Mining Tradition in Tajikistan

Like most of its neighbors, Tajikistan has a long history of gold mining. Gold has been mined in the country’s territory for thousands of years. This mining reached its peak between the 9th and the 11th centuries as is evident from ancient mines. Some of the early mining sites include Karamazar Mountains’ Mansura mine, Kukhilal and the Darvaza mines.

Traditionally gold was mined to be used to decorate Buddhist temples all around South Asia. Gold was also an important commodity of trade. This early gold mining marked the era of early civilization in the region.

Today the government has increased effort to enhance the country’s gold production. This is especially so given the fact that the government is seeking out ways to help grow the economy of the country.

A Major Source of Gold

Gold mining in Tajikistan is critical to the world mining sector. As indicated by studies by the Tajik Academy of Sciences, gold deposits estimated to be about 429.3 tons. Tajikistan’s biggest gold mining operation is situated in Sughd Province, with most gold being mined southeast of Gharm, in the Yakhsu Valley, Chkalovsk, in the Pamir Mountains, and Jilau.

Gold mining has grown spontaneously since the country split from Russia with 2,700 kilograms of gold mined in 2000 contrasted with 1,100 in 1996. As of 2011, Tajikistan produces up to 1.3–1.5 tons of gold every year, with a noteworthy venture from China, with Zijin Mining working in the country. In January 2011, as per geologist Azim Ibrokhim, two huge gold deposits were found, one near the center of the nation that contains an estimated 118 tons of gold, and the other in the north, which is estimated to have 59 tons of gold.

Tajikistan has 28 major gold deposits containing an expected 429.3 t of gold. The nation delivers a little more than 3 tons of gold every year, the greater part of which originates from the Jilau deposit that is owned and worked by the Zeravshan Gold Company (ZGC). ZGC is a joint venture between the Nelson Resources Ltd (44%) and the government of Tajikistan (51%) and the IFC (5%). The company has also done a feasibility study for the close-by Taroe and Chore gold deposits. The feasibility study was done to determine on the advancement of two underground mines delivering an aggregate of 140,000 oz gold for every year.

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The other major gold producer is JV Darvaz that produces gold from its alluvial operation at the Yakhsuiskoye deposit, situated in Khatlon Oblast in southern Tajikistan. The Darvaz joint venture incorporates a 49% for the UK based Gold and Mineral mining.

The third joint venture organization to Tajikistan’s gold production is Canadian Gulf International Minerals, which has a 49% stake for the Aprevlevka joint venture. Aside from building up the Aprelevka deposit which has demonstrated deposits of more than 500 000oz, the joint venture is studying the Tien Shan district in northern Tajikistan, which has a few known high-grade deposits.

Other companies producing gold in Tajikistan include the Tajik-British joint venture Darvaz, Tajik-Chinese joint venture SP Zerafshan, Government-owned Tilloi Tochik [Tajik Gold], the private Tajik company Arteli Odina, the Tajik-Canadian joint venture Aprelevka and the Tajik-Kyrgyz joint venture OOO Takom Gold.

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